Here is not verchal trip to the moon, neither spaces. We design  good quality  travel. Just book and then be relaxed and enjoy.


Sweden, Japan and South pacific are specially focussed on our travel destination.


So what is different from other travelling  agency?


Our unique designed trip. Following individual interests, we  offer  special travel.  first class quality of  hotels, castles, restaurants, new trend bars & cafes, night clubs,cruising options. Exellent wine proving, weekend chocolate testing .Comfortability, good quality and good services are  essential for selection of hotels, restaurants.


In Sweden,Unforgetable engagement, wedding and honeymoon trip . Beautiful   locations,  historical hotels, traditional church, restaurants,  really delicious food and bevarages, wedding party, wedding  dresses, professional photographer, exclusive hair& makeup artists, flower arrangement with bouquet and massage&spa. 



Trip to Japan, we will design special trips according to own interest. We understand group tour participants are not always fond of looking at buddhist temples and shrine all day long on the name of historicaltour. YOur important time in Japan, you can request us what you want to see, eat, drink and hear. Some love to try local bar, local restaurants that have no english menu but so delicious!!


Or some want to attend Japanse cooking class,bonsai, judo,karate, anime manga course, or sumo practicing, learning Japanese garden, tea ceremony, Japanese sake tasting course, traditional instrument shakuhachi course, or  exclusive only best sushi restaurants eating courses, or Let`s learn tranquilty from Zen MOnk. Meditation, Japanese farm house  experience, Japanese fisher man course, or Everyday night club and disco experiences course in TOkyo.


If you have enough to treat you best, do not hesitate us to ask the exellent tour.


If you are famous chef to be and train your toungue with special delicassent, and  want to taste the best food... For you who are specialist for flower arrangement, we will give you chances  "Flower &bonsai & Japanese art&garden tour."



Food lovers . Art and architectures. With our passion to food lovers, we would like to introduce  high class Japanese cuisine. Of course there are many different budget planning are available. mouth watering Japanese Street food lovers are also welcome.


Travel to the south pacific. Our travel south pacific specialists will lead you to the south pacific-New Caledonia, Fiji & Vanuatu. Diving in the south pacific and enjoy french pacific food with fresh lobstar &oyster&Champaigne on the beach!  Local island custom style wedding IS VERY UNIQUE AND RECOMMENDED.











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