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     from Sweden


Interior&Fashion design




Swedish & nordic artists and designers will be introduced.


The colour of Scandinavian nature.




We will be  happy to  connect designers or designed-minded peoples all over the world. Enjoy the natural warmth of  heartful design and perceive the Scandinavian  peace and  tranquility as well as  positive liberal spirit and energy.We care for quality and handmade with full of imagination and inspiration from scandinavian nature, seasons and our historical folk sagor.


Scandinavian simplicity, stylish, tasteful interior design,

Summer wild flowers and forest odour ,wild berries. Comfortablity and simplicity with excitement.simple but  functional  with relaxed mood.


In Swedish "Koppla av" -being relaxed comfortably is the very important. policy.To amuse  senses and comfortability to  soul and body. Dark winter make nordic peoples more sensitive for lightning and colors that make us feel cheerful during  dark winter. Artists are sensitive to catch the beautiful message from the nordic nature.


TO be comfortable to our eyes, nice sounds, taste, odour is important in life.To touch and  be touched.


We hope our design will satisfy senses and give more positive energy and free spirit of mind.

To create positive energy and free mind&spirit. Enjoy every moments of life with positive energy.


Hope our spirits will reach you and bring you a feeling of happiness,little surprising, new excitement and positive energy for tomorrow.




From  Sweden with our special  love and passion. 

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