yoko kaneko


Our company locates in Gamla Stan, central Stockholm, Sweden.

Gamla stan is an ancient old town with old stone pavement from 13 century. Modern Jazz live  music from the corner of  town and organic bakery, exotic aroma smells from asian restaurants. Irish Pub welcoming tourists from all over the world. And  a very modern art studio that creates spaces at famous hotels in Sweden and often appears on magazines are our neighbour. Jewery shops..So all here in Gamla stan inspire us.  Our company has  projects about Design, Travel, and Food.


As we have got many inspiration from nordic natures in Stockholm and Sweden as well as other worlds from our travelling , we hope through our products, you will get inspiration. Of course We love "Inspiration" from you as well.

We would like to share our passion and inspiration with you. Let us inspire you and be inspired.


Greeting from Gamla Stan,

Stockholm, Sweden

with love.





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